Thursday, December 10, 2009

No worries, I'm still alive!

Okay, back in April when I first started blogging my blog was called
Peace, Love, Ashton.
Then after I saw and read Twilight all I ever blogged
about was Twilight, so my blog became
Twilight 101.
Since my mom would only let me read the first book, my blogging
about Twilight ended.
Then I mysteriously disappeared for eight months.
Now I'm back and my blog is called
Being Ashton.
Being Ashton is my blog about my daily life, like:
what the highlights of my day were, what I did at school, a poem I
wrote and wanted to share with you, or just
I think it will be easier to blog about my everyday life on this blog
than the others.
I really love my new background and my new header.
I think it's super cute and shows my true colors.
I'll add blinkies and buttons over time.
I really hope you like my new blogging style.

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